Las Vegas Escort Jordan

People Always Tell Me I Look Like A Celebrity

As a woman of mystery, I pride myself on maintaining a certain element of surprise. I am comfortable in a wide range of settings and I am the chosen companion for those searching for the blonde Las Vegas escort of their dreams. I look like I stepped down off a billboard, don't I? Don't be intimidated, though. I'll try my best not to overshadow you.

Or maybe you're the type who likes to let your lady friend take control. I am the perfect companion for the man who is looking for a blonde Las Vegas escort that will capture all of the attention. Did you know that I have fantasies of my own that I would like you to fulfill, though?

What's My Fantasy?
I dream of having a tall, dark, handsome stranger such as yourself in my life. I want you to have your way with me. Ravish me. Take control. Use my body as your personal playground. I love nothing more than to be taken from behind, submitting myself to your every whim. This is the fantasy that I think about most often and I want you to be the one to make it into a reality.

That's what the girlfriend experience is all about. I let you lose all of your inhibitions and take you to places you have never been before. The height of passion is waiting for you right here, baby. Let's make each other's fantasies into realities. There is nothing stopping us. You only live once and it is our responsibility to make the most of it.

Catering To My Man
I cannot wait to show you all of the sexy outfits that I have in store for you. Catering to my man is my favorite activity and you will love my high heels and my nylons. I'm something of a lingerie addiction. Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite stores and I'll be happy to show off my wares....and my collection! Sometimes, its more fun to stay in and play, right?

I have lots and lots of toys to help us with this purpose. I create the love paradise that you have always dreamed of, giving the most amazing girlfriend experience known to man. Whether you are looking for me to take control or you would like to be the dominant one, you have no shortage of choices here. The only limit is your own imagination!